BUICK - NAIAS 2015 debut





The brand needed to target a new generation of buyers. The previous kit lacked the flexibility to be used in different floor-plans. The architecture was outdated and worn out.

NAIAS 2013                                                                              NAIAS 2014

NAIAS 2013                                                                              NAIAS 2014


Buick was about to expand its portfolio with significant product launches within the next few years. In 2014 our company was giving the opportunity to develop and re-imagine the Buick Auto Show brand experience. The challenge was to shift brand perception and target a younger audience. The new kit debuted in January at the North American International Auto Show 2015.






How it looks. How it feels. How it acts.

Exploring the idea of creating an architectural statement, where two opposites attract and compliment each other, creating a harmonious unified whole: Rectilinear and Curvilinear • Warm and Cold • Soft and Hard • Glossy and Matte • Dynamic and Serene • Classic and Contemporary


Metaphorical Statement 

Throughout the brainstorm process one major theme evolved. The Arch as an iconic metaphor, recognizable in any interpretation, "hugs" the space and gives the attendee a sense of arrival. 




Gestural theme • Curvilinear architecture • Sculptural beauty • Elegant • Timeless • Harmonious • Expressive • Sleek • Welcoming • Inviting • Approachable • Sense of arrival • Open • Airy • Adaptable to different space sizes • Unique views and vantage points in the space • Unified aesthetics



The ideation process involved: manual and digital sketching, 3D modeling, visualization and mock-ups. The goal was to express the arch a as distinctive Buick design element that translates throughout of the entire stand and all the exhibit properties creating unifying aesthetics.



One way to full-fill Buick's brand positioning was to reinvent the use of materials. It involved researching a wide spectrum of products from various industries and interpreting them in unexpected ways such as placing pebbles on the turn table, applying the wallpaper to the curved surfaces of the arch and slat partitions, adding dimensional CNC panels as underlayment beneath the glass floor, etc. The synthesis of this created a premium and modern expression.


Option 1 - COOL PALETTE: clean • crisp • contrasting • vibrant • cool colors (white, gray, with a pop of blue) 

Option 2 - Warm Palette: natural elements • soft textures • earthy colors (off-white, tan, with a pop of green)


Final Material Selection:  monochromatic • sophisticated • variety of textures • unexpected application. It allows the product and video to stand out.    


Furniture Specification

Hospitality • Rental Furniture


Lounge Furniture • Lighting



A team of the most amazing and talented people made this dream a reality. A very complex, well thought out piece of engineering and incredible design it was a show stopper with a strong architectural statement and attention to detail. 



Tools used: Rhinoceros, V-Ray, Photoshop


BUICK NAIAS 2015-2017

Floorplan Examples • Chicago, Los Angeles, New York

Buick CAS 2015

Buick CAS 2016

Buick NYIAS 2015

Buick LAAS 2015 Press Day



BUICK NAIAS 2015-2017





Photo credit: Olena Sydoruk, Kathryn Rapier

Animation: Samuel Cologue, Czarnowski 


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