ICFF New York 2017




May 21-24, 2017 Javits Center, NYC

  • four-day event
  • 165,000+ net square feet
  • more than 750 exhibitors
  • more than 30 countries
  • attended by more than 33,000 designers, manufacturers and educators

Once again, for the past 30 years, Javits Center welcomes the ICFF to celebrate the latest and greatest of contemporary design. Designers and developers from the US and overseas attend every year to discover and showcase outstanding examples of lighting, accessories, seating, flooring, materials, wall coverings, kitchen & bath carpets and more.


A night before the show opens you can mingle with the design community and celebrate outstanding achievement in many areas of design at the NYCxDESIGN Awards ceremony and the ICFF Kick-off Party at MoMA.


Day one, make sure you wear a pair of comfy shoes. Be prepared to walk the floor 8 hours. Plan on standing in long lines during lunch time at the Javits Center. It gets jammed. Seating can be tricky to find. I did not take any videos, but here is an example from the front door through the lobby to the exhibitor's space.

Overall look and feel

Here are some overall look and feel photos. You can see the variety of products and companies represented at the ICFF. It is overwhelming (in a good way;) You can find all the latest and greatest there: established companies and emerging designers, mass production designs and one-of-a-kind objects. If you get tired there is a nice cozy area to recharge, take a coffee break (or even a wine break;)

Thanks, Design Milk for this video. Loved all the designs presented at the Milk stand. And, of course, I walked away with a beautiful necklace and earrings from CUT by Yumi Endo!

Emerging talents

Whenever I attend these events I always look for what's new and what's next. The art and design schools, emerging talents are a great example of innovative, blue-sky thinking. They are bold and raw in their exploration and design without limits and restrictions. The schools attended and exhibited for free helping the young designers to pave the way into the design world. I was happy to see that some of them gained a well-deserved recognition and walked away with the ICFF awards.

Some of my favorite


Educational and fun, ICFF Talks feature industry leaders discussing their processes, innovations and future of design in intimate and informal atmosphere. 


David Trubridge is an internationally renowned furniture and lighting designer from New Zealand. His team "aim to create sustainable products and leave a delicate footprint on Earth." Mimicking the patterns found in nature, David creates lighting made of natural materials, shipped as a kitset and easy to assemble. 


Elish Warlop is a multidisciplinary designer and architect from Colorado. Through research and experimentation Elish creates objects that "combine repetition and connect as a whole." I was very impressed with her approach to the lighting and spatial dividers. They are flexible and adjustable to the customer's needs. Needless to say, they are beautifully done!


One of my favorite booths at the ICFF was by MAY. Their innovative materials were displayed in an artistic way. It felt like you walked into the contemporary art gallery. Loved the lightweight and durable materials that can be used for almost anything, from lighting and furniture design to wall paneling. 


Another tastefully done space was The Soho Design District Creative Booth. It featured a small selection of objects from its 26 member showrooms, including new flooring, lighting, furniture, decor accessories, and more.


Loved this booth design by Katie Shima and lighting design by Christo Logan’s studio Two Parts. The 3D-printed ceramic pendants hung inside this cave-like, CNC-milled, blue foam booth. It won a Best Booth at the fair award.

Furniture, materials and details

Enjoyed seeing innovative and unexpected use of materials, a wide variety of interesting textures and patterns, outstanding craftsmanship and attention to details. A successful combination of technology with traditional techniques, 3D printed, CNC-milled, laser-cut, etc. products along with handmade objects impressed the visitors.


Lighting... Lighting... Lighting... In any shape, material and size. I was amazed to see a wide selection of original and innovative designs, a variety of fresh forms, beautiful materials and unique manufacturing methods. 


These stunning lights by Arturo Alvarez made of black stainless steel mesh, white Japanese cord or steel and binder. Inspired by nature, humans and their relationships, through exploration of the possibility of the materials around him, Arturo creates his emotional sculptural lighting. The mesh lights cast beautiful eerie shadows on the wall, creating 3D shapes.

Going through my pictures, literature and samples from the show is challenging enough, but to narrow it down and choose a few from many is quiet a project ;) I am exhausted but very happy, inspired and ready for a new challenge.

Looking forward to see what 2018 brings us. Will see you next year, ICFF! 

*All images are courtesy of Olena Sydoruk. Sharing is encouraged, stealing is forbidden;) Please, mention a source.