Streets of New York_SoHo

As a designer, I see a 3D world as a language to use and exploit for my work.

I read between the lines, see through the layers of polished perfection and look beyond the piles of imperfection. 

NYC to me is all about exploration and discovery, observation and adsorption. Every time I come here, I try to find a moment to wander around the city and inhale it. Yes, my friends, INHALE. Inhale its unique character, culture, energy. It's a city of contrast, where each neighborhood has its own distinctive character and unique style.

Meet SoHo

South of Houston Street in Manhattan is one of my favorite areas of the city. Its famous cast iron facades, signature cobblestone pavement, restaurants, galleries and stores make this neighborhood desirable to many famous musicians and actors, artists and designers. Lots of movies and commercials were filmed here.

Walking down the streets, people watching and enjoying the vibe of charming SoHo. The restless cobblestone streets are quiet after the businesses close. It's time for exploring, window-shopping or for the occasional designer sample sale in the neighborhood. Be open to the experiences. You never know what you'll find!  

Capturing the moments of the 'cast iron district.' 

You can even see the Freedom Tower from here!

Looking up! Love the dynamic zigzag movement and the powerful, bold presence.

So much drama in contrast and details!


 I hope you like the moments I shared. More to come. 


*All images are courtesy of Olena Sydoruk. Sharing is encouraged, stealing is forbidden;) Please, mention a source.